The Chair

The Chair « Economics of New Data » was created in November 2013 under the aegis of the Europlace Institute of Finance Foundation, thanks to the support of Havas Media. Its main academic partner is the University Paris-Dauphine. The Chair brings together researchers of the various fields of applied mathmetics having to do with the treatment of new data.

Objectives :

The Chair is primarily a mathematical project: in practice, this is an informal network of applied mathematicians dealing with “New Data”, specialists of optimization, imaging, signal processing, statistics (non parametric and computational), machine learning, numerical probabilities…

The objectives assigned to the Chair are to contribute:

– to the development of know-how and methods for the economics of new data;
– to the education and training of young specialists on these topics (especially training through research);
– to the dissemination of knowledge on these topics in France and Europe.

This community of mathematicians is also intended to interact with various fields of application, which are concerned with new data: social networks, neurobiology, finance and actuarial science, quantitative geography, health economics…