Conference Machine Learning and Finance

Affiche_masters_MASH_MASEF_ISFMarch 21, 2016
From 9:30 to 13:30 – Université Paris Dauphine – Room A709

This conference is organized in the context of the following three Master’s Degree Programs of Université Paris Dauphine: Master MASEF, Master ISF and Master MASH.

Organizers: Marc Hoffmann, Bruno Bouchard and Pierre Brugière

Speakers: Stéphan Clémençon (Telecom-ParisTech), Stéphane Gaiffas (Ecole Polytechnique), Guillaume Lécuyer (Ecole Polytechnique),
Vincent Chailley  (H2O Asset Management), Charles Albert Lehalle (Capital Fund Management)

Registration: click here

The conference is supported by the CEREMADE Research Center, the MIDO Department, the Havas-Dauphine “Economics of New Data” Chair and the “Finance and Sustainable Development Chair”.

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